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Evangelism Mission & Community Development

Director: Rev. Clement T. Woods


Rev. Clement Tegbeh Woods   Director of Evangelism Mission and Community Development at Providence Baptist church
holds a BSc in Secondary Education from the African Methodist Episcopal Zion University and a Master of Arts in Christian Education Spiritual Formation and Evangelism
Princeton Theological Seminary.

Mission Statement:  Reaching the unreached at all costs.



Department Roles

 This department is responsible for assigning pastors to all of Providence Baptist Church local and international fellowships. Conduct trainings, plan revivals, and Crusade with oversight responsibility. The Evangelistic arm is the heartbeat of the entire church because it deals with soul winning and disciples making.

These are our ways in which we spread the Gospel by reaching others through our various ministries. 

  • Daughter churches/fellowships
  • Prison Ministry
  • Medical Relief
  • Street Ministry
  • Gospel Hot Meal Ministry
  • Out Station Ministry
  • LEAD Ministry
    Early Morning Gospel Fellowship